This delicious range is handcrafted in the old-fashioned, time-honoured traditional way – each little works of art guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds, from Fudges, Brittles, Marshmallows, in fact, all sorts of confectionery, even that which is sugar-free, and nothing less than the finest Belgian Chocolate is good enough for our perfect products (Which are all halaal)

Delicious Snacks & Everyday Essentials

Custom Treats for any Event or Promotion to suit your budget

The Perfect Corporate Treat!

We have the widest range of delicious sweets and treats for you to choose from.

From mouth-watering gums and jellies to delicious candy-coated chocolate sweets, scrummy liquorice and delicious fresh mallows. All sourced from quality manufacturers that are leaders in the business.

In addition, we have partnered with a leading Cape Town team of sweet artisans.

So why don’t you let us take you on an unforgettable adventure. Explore our amazingly sweet world of deliciousness more than you could imagine gums and jellies. scrumptious liquorice, fresh mallows and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Custom Packaging

Branded Sweets, Snacks and Drinks are one of the best ways to reach your potential customers. Relatively low cost, and easy to give away via Personal Delivery, Mailing, Meetings, Venue Events or even in the street, promotional sweets and chocolates are great tasting and is always a winner.

Yes, you read this correctly….our sweet artisans are wild about making products to suit your needs – be this as it may customizing the colours of our Rock Candy Hearts to match the event colour choices, or to create products in your corporate colour and to suit your brand.

Speak to us on your special requirements. We can custom make your packaging, make up to suit a theme or colour and can print or brand with your logo

Step 1

Pick Your Sweets

Step 2

Pick Your Packging

Step 3

Pick Your Branding

Step 4

We Pick and Pack Your Order

Step 5

We Deliver or You Collect