Global Gift Sourcing made easy!

We understand that unique branded merchandise is key to increasing your brand visibility and company image.

Working with our team of sourcing specialists allows your brand to stand out confidently with optimal awareness

1 Let’s Get Started

Provide us with a little background to your brief and we’ll do the rest including updating you on the latest trends and how to get the most from your marketing budget.

Please complete the briefing below then we’ll do the rest and come back to you with “thoughts and ideas around you brief”.

2 product sourcing

We find the right product for you at the price suitable for your requirement. We can offer various products from a range of factories giving you all the options to make the best buying decision.

3 Sampling and Product Testing

Pre-production samples are arranged with every order. Throughout production, our staff constantly monitor quality to ensure the ordered products are dispatched in the right quality and quantity.

Continuous testing throughout the manufacturing process is done to ensure 100% satisfaction when the final product is delivered.

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Our team cares and has the key expertise to understand your brand and business needs from a procurement and imports process perspectives.


We’ve curated the best of what’s out there. We’ve tested thousands of products and 95% didn’t make the cut. We want to make sure sure every product you order, you’re proud to show off.


We’ve automated the entire buying expience. Easily find what you’re looking for, upload your design, mockup your products and checkout in a matter of seconds. It’s that simple.


Our team is always here to help. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, let us know, and we will able to source it for you. We will do whatever we can to make your experience stress free and fun.

6 delivery

We take care of logistics and customs clearance and our freighter will deliver your goods to your required final destination. We have the capability to place your goods in bond to avoid incurrence of duties whilst en route to the final destination.

5 transportation & shipping

We offer QC throughout the manufacturing process as well as both local and international certification if necessary.

We manage logistics from recommended packaging for relevant shipping method to all freighter documents required to ship by sea, Air or Air Express to final delivery point.

4 product branding / Custom Packaging

Many of our clients require their private label or logo on the product &/or packaging. We can help design and customise your product or make professional packing to suit the Corporate Image or look that is required