Concerning to help you sexual direction, a couple elements would be listed

Basic, the new higher proportion out of members away from sexual minorities, more 29% of finally decide to try

This can be thought to be too little representativeness of our own test. We imagine you to an option translation is achievable. This study shares having past training the same sampling strategy and you may inhabitants (Language university students with the same age range and you can from the same university). We will show enough time of data collection and the ratio out-of sexual minority users: , 14.7% , , 8.6% . A very clear development is located. New ratio out-of sexual minority players is actually continuously increasing within our examples. We are able to thought several options to explain it. Very first, the surveys are not just biased by the sexual orientation (large likelihood of contribution getting non-heterosexual people), but also you to definitely prejudice is growing. We cannot discover people commercially plausible reasons for it prospective change off bias all over go out. Second, in fact on the people out-of university students (Spain, one school) the presence of low-heterosexuality try growing. It second solution manage mean that the issue away from representativeness are so much more apparent you to genuine. Subsequent scientific studies are needed to describe this point. Regardless, within regression analyses we integrated sexual positioning just like the covariate. Simultaneously, so you can assists the latest analyses, we chose to classification players to your heterosexuals and you will low-heterosexuals, thus losing new nuances connected with the fresh choices regarding members of sexual minorities.

Response: In regards to the initially element of which remark (“There is also need to think one heterosexuals and you can sexual minorities differ regarding their various brief and you will long-identity mating tips”) i completely concur. Which is why as to why people details had been currently found in new multiple regression analyses.

I as well as buy into the indisputable fact that sexual orientation and you will gender get interact. Next dining tables i inform you the results of your own linear regression studies whenever these types of affairs are included in the new habits.

Additionally there is need to trust one to heterosexuals and you can sexual minorities disagree pertaining to its individuals short term and you may a lot of time-name mating procedures, perhaps moderated because of the gender (sex x sexual positioning correspondence)

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